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As facilitators, we build local capacity to drive change

As facilitators, we work with people and their perspectives, we pick them up from where they stand, and engage them in dialogue and processes, providing information and support in building capacity and driving change.

As networkers, we bring together people, needs and opportunities

As networkers, we strongly believe in the power of complementing minds and resources. Spotting challenges and gaps, and matching them with the right actors, supporters, and solutions is an integral part of our work.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are independent

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are independent from individual commercial interests and political agendas. Our primary commitment is to our mission; our primary goal is to make a difference.

As your partner, we are dedicated to our common objectives

As a partner for government institutions, development organizations, NGOs, funders, and the private sector, we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with a competent, dynamic and diverse community of actors, and to pursue our common objectives together.

Our guiding principles
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Our guiding principles 

The Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement are important guidelines for our work.

We believe that a faster transition to sustainable transport is needed.

Transport is about moving people and goods, not vehicles.

We promote policies and solutions that meet mobility needs, support health and safety, and are efficient and fair in use of energy, space, and financial resources.

Progress requires space for exchange and continuous dialogue.

We support our partners in asking the right questions, shaping the process, and bringing together the people it takes to move towards sustainable mobility.

Local capacity is key to taking ownership and driving transport’s transformation.

We aim to establish and qualify locally integrated teams and organizations in the countries we work.

Sharing of experience makes the global community progress faster.

We bring international experience into national and local discussions, allowing stakeholders to learn from other’s successes and failures, and to adapt learnings to their individual context.

Our commitment is towards making mobility more sustainable.

We are independent from singular national interests, political agendas, and specific technologies. All we are committed to is making mobility inclusive, efficient, safer, and greener.

Our team

Our team

Stefanie Sohm

co-founder & general director

Marion Vieweg

co-founder & director

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Mark Major

co-founder & strategic advisor

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Contact us

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