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How we function


we function

Helping funders making an impact

With our programme and project specific work, we help funders and development organizations from the public and private sector making an impact in the region, country or community they want to support. Therefore, we offer our advice on the design of effective programs, and take on implementation on the ground.

Providing on-demand support

With our expertise, we provide on-demand support in facilitation, consulting, project development and implementation. Please keep in mind that we only engage in service contracts that are in line with our mission and independent from particular commercial interests.



With our daily work in outreach, networking, matching needs and opportunities, sharing knowledge and information, we lay the foundation for the development and implementation of programs and projects in our partner countries.

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With your organizational funding and donations, you help us to keep going, and our partners to move faster towards sustainable mobility. If you want to support transport’s transformation in low- and middle income countries, make your donation today or get in touch.
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