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Our activities

Our activities

Enabling and connecting communities of stakeholders

We bring together public and private, national and international stakeholders in and around the transport sector. Creating spaces for exchange and stirring debate, we support them to evolve into informed, aligned and connected communities of stakeholders able to drive transport’s transformation.

Facilitating visions, frameworks, and action

We facilitate the development of shared visions for sustainable mobility, the shaping of coherent political and regulatory frameworks, and the formulation and implementation of projects for action on the ground. Combining international and in-country expertise, we support our partner cities and countries to define their way forward, meeting needs for local development and global climate action alike. 

Knowledge-sharing, communication and awareness raising

We support the creation of in-country knowledge hubs that monitor and share information on mobility challenges and solutions. Advising them in accessing data and expertise, assessing policy and market evolutions, in shaping communication and reaching audiences, we enable our partners to strengthen capacity and to raise awareness for sustainable mobility.

Matching needs and opportunities

We help our partners to identify and match needs and opportunities to solve their sustainable mobility challenges. Assisting in the development of coherent programs and projects for policy and action, we pave the way for new cooperation projects and access to technical and financial support.

Our projects 

Regional Peer Networks Transport and Climate

The Regional Peer Networks, initiated and funded by GIZ, bring together government representatives within Africa, Asia, and Latin America to exchange on their challenges and experiences in linking transport and climate policy that will set the sectors on a low-carbon and sustainable development pathway. move2change acts as the facilitator to the Peer Networks, provides thematic content, and regularly organizes peer exchange sessions within the regions. The Networks were started in early 2021.

Our projects

PMD Morocco

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The Platform for Sustainable Mobility Morocco PMD is a space for discussion, exchange, and knowledge sharing. Since its creation in 2019, it brings together stakeholders from the public and private sector and supports them in setting the right conditions for transport’s transition. PMD is placed under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport and partnering with the Ministry of Interior Morocco. After the first year funding provided by GIZ, move2change has taken on the platform with the aim of building a locally rooted and permanent entity that supports the Moroccan transport community.

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